Monday, March 8, 2010

Let There Be Puking

Well, I spent all weekend worshiping the porcelain gods, but, alas, I cannot blame it on Snapdragon.

On Saturday, FB and I ordered pizza from our usual pizza place. We always get 2 small pizzas instead of sharing one — that way we have plenty of leftovers and FB doesn't have to worry about his pizza being contaminated with mushrooms or eggplant. We enjoyed our dinner and put the leftovers away before enjoying a quiet evening playing video games.

Six hours later, we were rotating in and out of the bathroom.

At first, I resisted vomiting. I thought, "I haven't thrown up once yet and I won't be weak now!" Then, I realized that FB was sick too and that there was probably something poisonous in my stomach, so I surrendered and puked up a storm. It felt like I had an exploding bowling ball in my stomach.

We were up all night. By morning, we both managed to catch a few minutes of sleep at a time. I got out of bed around 4pm on Sunday and got a bit ambitious — I drank a glass of water and ate a cup of Jell-O. Bad idea. That sent off a whole new cycle of sickness. I crawled back into bed at 9 and stayed there for another 12 hours.

I felt better this morning, but FB is still out of commission. He has had a fever off and on and it is not getting better. If he is still sick in the morning, he will go in to see his doctor. He's not actively vomiting anymore, but he still feels crappy.

It was awful. I don't know what sort of food poisoning it was, but it was definitely the pizza. It was the only meal we shared that day and we both got sick at exactly the same time.

I've managed to eat some saltines and drink some juice today, but I haven't had any protein and I'm feeling headachy and weak. I did manage to keep my prenatal vitamin down. Hopefully, I'll be able to eat some small meals tomorrow.

I am incredibly thankful that I have not had to deal with this as often as many of my pregnant friends have. It sucks.


  1. Be really careful. As long as you're now getting hydrated you should be fine but if you're feeling weak you should probably call your doctor or midwife to at least let her know this happened. They may want you to come in for an IV and they may suggest that you not take your vitamin for a few days as they can be hard on your stomach. I hope you guys feel better. I really feel for you.

  2. Yeah, I called on Tuesday. The midwives said to keep up with the fluids and to call back if I feel worse or my fever goes to 101.

    I'm better today and even ate some oatmeal this morning.