Friday, July 23, 2010

How Much Caffeine?

Today in "Bullshit Directed at Pregnant Women," we find an article on Babble telling us that a moderate amount of caffeine is safe for pregnant women. Hooray for moderation in all things!

But, if you read the article carefully, you notice gems like this one:

It says "200 mg of caffeine per day — the equivalent of a cup of coffee or one caffeinated soda." Let's be very clear — no commercially available soda has 200mg of caffeine per serving. A 12 oz. can of Coke has 35mg. A can of Diet Coke has 45mg. Sprite and most root beers have 0mg. Even Mountain Dew has only 54mg. A regular can of Red Bull (8.3 oz.) has 76mg. Don't believe me — believe the Mayo Clinic.

So, I guess if the article/study defines "one caffeinated soda" as a 48oz. Mountain Dew, it is technically correct in its estimate of caffeine content. However, I feel driven to point out that a "Big Gulp" from 7-11 is 32 oz. and a "Super Big Gulp" is 44 oz., so you would have to find a cup larger than the Super Big Gulp cup to hold this imaginary soda (not counting ice!).

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