Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Naming Styles

Despite recent disappointments, I continue to indulge my love of names. We may not have a baby for years, but that just means I'll have years of fun thinking up names for him/her.

FB and I are generally agreed on naming styles, though I do tend to go for the obscure, while he is not as bothered by popularity. Neither of us likes the kree8tyv names like Mydyysyn or Bryler. I tend to like names from the 17th and early 19th centuries (as well as my Italian family names) while FB likes short names that are easy for English-speakers to spell and pronounce. These are not irreconcilable situations, but they mean that we will both have to compromise.

For example, I will probably never convince FB that Una is an adorable name, though I love it to pieces. Similarly, he will have a difficult time convincing me that Lily Evans is a perfectly acceptable name because Evans is a family name on his mother's side and no one will ever get the Harry Potter reference (yes they will!).

Even when we like the same names, we like different versions of them. He likes Claire, I prefer Clara. He'd like an Ellie, I'd choose Nell. He would call a Charles Chuck, I'd certainly go for Charlie. And on and on.

At least we don't need to decide right away.

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