Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bad Blogger

Most blogs run for a week or two before they are abandoned for good. By that standard, I did a good job by running for a couple of months before going AWOL. Let's just call it vacation.

Nothing has changed since my last post, except that my anxiety level is starting to go up a little bit. I turned 26 in October, making me officially older than average for a first-time mother in America (though still substantially younger than most first time moms in my liberal New England city).

FB and I said that we would try until Christmas before taking some deliberate steps. There's still a small chance that I might turn up pregnant in the next three weeks, but it's a long shot. FB has an extended business trip and I'll be going home to help my parents prepare for the holiday, so there won't be many opportunities for us to try between now and January.

I'm not panicking yet. But I'm getting a little anxious.

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